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Products > Device Programmers > Field Programmer (SD Card Standalone) > ME Labs UPDATED 2018 Field Programmer

ME Labs UPDATED 2018 Field Programmer
ME Labs UPDATED 2018 Field Programmer Quantity in Basket: None
Code: FPSD18
Price: $124.95
Volume Pricing:
Quantity Price Each
Shipping Weight: 0.17 pounds
RoHS Compliant: YES

Note: The Field Programmer requires a memory card with the FAT16 file system. Only cards in the capacity range of 64M to 2G are compatible.

This is the UPDATED 2018 Field Programmer!

This updated version still has all the same great features as our previous Field Programmer and now includes a USB input for power! When power is not available from the target board, the Field Programmer (and the target) may be powered by a USB 5V source through a USB micro adapter (phone charger). This allows the Field Programmer to be used for production programming, supplying power to each target in turn. An internal 3.3V regulator makes the voltage switch-selectable for 5V or 3.3V.

  • Reads Files from FAT16 SD/MMC Cards
  • RoHS compliant (lead-free)
  • Quantity Pricing Available
All the features of our PC-based programmers can now be carried in the palm of your hand! Use the familiar ME Labs Programmer software to create a memory card with option settings, configuration data, and program code. Slip the memory card into the melabs Field Programmer and you're good to go - anywhere!

When power is not available from the target board, the Field Programmer (and the target) may be powered by a USB 5V (or 3.3V) source through a USB micro adapter (phone charger). (No need for the old Power Adapter!)

More than 700 PIC microcontrollers are supported! Support for future devices can be added via FLASH firmware updates.

In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP): The melabs Field Programmer is designed to program PIC MCUs in-circuit. To use this feature, your target board must have some means of connecting to the 10-pin header on the programmer.

Software: The programmer includes software for Windows Vista/7/8/10.  This software is identical to that which runs all melabs programmers.  The melabs Field Programmer requires a special file to be stored on a memory card.  The software allows you to open a standard-format hex file, set options and configuration, then create the field programmer file and save it.

The melabs programmer software is compatible with the standard Microchip HEX format files. Any assembler or compiler for PICmicros can be used to create the program, including MPASM, "C", or PBP.

The same software that controls the melabs Field Programmer can be used with all models of our programmers, including melabs U2 Programmer.

The consolidated view-memory window lets you view each section of memory in the PIC with a click.

A formidable list of options allow you to customize the function of the programmer. You control what areas of the device are erased, programmed, and verified. All applicable options are saved with the field programmer file on the memory card.

The programmer's firmware can be upgraded electronically via the memory card. You don't have to worry about whether your hardware is compatible when purchasing a software upgrade. Any required firmware changes will be included in the purchased upgrade.

melabs Field Programmer Features:

  • Can be powered by built-in USB micro connector (default of 5v, switchable to 3.3v)
  • Dual-color indicator shows ready/busy states and flashes error codes
  • In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) connector for interface to project board
  • Full featured software included with support for ICSP-capable PIC MCUs
  • Flash firmware easily upgradeable to add support for future devices
  • Compatible with Microchip HEX format files (after conversion using the supplied software)

Supported devices as of 11/2018:

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