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Products > New Products > PICProto 814

PICProto 814
PICProto 814 Quantity in Basket: None
Code: PP814
Price: $24.95
Volume Pricing:
Quantity Price Each
Shipping Weight: 0.05 pounds
This UPDATED replacement for our PICProto 8 and includes a host of new features:

  • Mounting slots for #2 screws Accepts 8-pin and 14-pin PICs
  • Pre-assembled with adjustable regulator and LED
  • Pattern for NanoFit 14
  • Pattern for SOIC 8/14/16
  • ICSP with TAG TC2050
  • Will fit within the same dimensions as PICProto 8
  • (1.2" x 2")

    PICProto prototyping boards are designed to help you get your PICmicro projects up and running faster and easier. There is a high-quality blank PICProto board for most every PICmicro microcontroller. Each double-sided board has a solder mask on both sides and hundreds of plated-through holes for your parts.

    The PICmicro I/O pins are brought to the edge of a large prototyping area and labeled for quick identification. Each PICProto board is pre-wired to hold your favorite PICmicro, 5-volt regulator, capacitors and the oscillator crystal, RC or ceramic resonator. At the bottom edge of each board is a place for a DB9-25 RS232 style connector. A documentation sheet is included showing suggested parts and placement and a schematic

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