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Products > Other Software > TCPmaker Pro (Download Only)

TCPmaker Pro (Download Only)
TCPmaker Pro (Download Only) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: TCPmaker
Price: $379.95
RoHS Compliant: YES

This product is delivered electronically at the time of purchase.

Looking for a quick and easy way to make embedded web devices? Need devices that serve up great looking and highly interactive web pages on any browser? Don't want to have to learn JavaScript, and then AJAX, and all that other stuff? Then get your hands on TCPmaker!

You'll be able to use TCPmaker's revolutionary drag and drop Visual Page Designer to make great looking interactive web pages, with named variables to transfer your data, and controls that you can grab onto: Beautiful 3D Pushbuttons, Sliders, Bar Gauges, Indicators, and more! It is these controls that make TCPmaker perfect for data acquisition and control over the web.

TCPmaker generates custom source code for your PIC to "wire it all together." All you need to do is fill in some simple event handlers, compile the code (with a compiler you already own), and program your device. You're on the Ethernet in minutes! You’ll be delighted at how responsive the controls are. And there's no Windows programming at all!

Key Product Features:

  • 2-Way Direct Transfer of Variables: if you define a data item called “Pot1,” then your generated PIC code contains a variable called “Pot1”. PIC and PC are automatically kept in sync.
  • Generates custom source code to connect your variables to controls shown in browser.
  • Packs and unpacks data for you at both ends: always gets it right!
  • Transfer Variables:
    • User-defined names (e.g. “Pot1”)
    • Types: integer, scaled integer, string, vector
    • Optional linkage to browser controls
    • Custom, c-style string formatting
    • Generated event handlers are called when a data item is changed
    • Microcontroller and browser display are automatically synchronized & refreshed
  • No need to write any web content (e.g. HTML or Javascript) yourself
  • Supported PIC compilers: Microchip C18, C30, C32; Hi-Tech PICC-18
  • Uses Microchip TCP-IP Stack
  • Multi-page interactive layouts, with special time-saving design features:
    • Clone page: duplicate a page with all controls on it, preserving all control property settings
    • Master template: Gives all pages a consistent look
  • Can display .JPG images and Flash animations (*.swf)
  • Diagnostic tools
  • More controls: Picture (or animation) display, Oscilloscope graph, Input Text console, Vertical Gauge
  • Decorative background elements



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