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Products > Other Software > AnyHID Test Tool (Download Only)

AnyHID Test Tool (Download Only)
AnyHID Test Tool (Download Only) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: AnyHID
Price: $49.95
RoHS Compliant: YES

AnyHID does what its name says. It tests most any USB HID device* connected to your Windows PC. We think that AnyHID is the most convenient test program available for debugging USB HID devices.

This program is normally sold as part of HIDmaker FS, but is now available separately for those who just need a good, flexible test tool for USB Human Interface Devices. Developers of USB HID devices that don’t use PICs can now buy this incredible tool separately.

If you don’t have a tool like HIDmaker to create a working PC program for you, then AnyHID can be a way to test your USB HID device right away – before your PC program is ready.

If you find you had forgotten to connect the right device before starting the program, no problem: just connect it now, and AnyHID will find it and update its list of available HID devices. You can then exercise any HID device completely -- even if you didn't design the device yourself!

With AnyHID, you can browse through all the HID devices that are connected to your PC, and see if this is the right device, before you even open it for testing! Select the device in the left pane, and explore its secrets in the right pane.

Test report results from AnyHID are stamped with the date and time, and you can type comments in the test results window to document your work. When you're ready, these test results can be printed, saved to a file, or copied to the Windows clipboard and pasted into other programs like your favorite word processor. Test results can even be automatically logged to a file as the tests proceed. AnyHID does require that your HID device work well enough to be successfully "enumerated" by Windows. (HID devices whose firmware is created by HIDmaker FS automatically meet that requirement – we guarantee it.) If your device doesn't enumerate successfully, or if you find that your device just doesn’t do as much or work as well as you had hoped, then take a look at the full HIDmaker FS package from Trace Systems, Inc.. Like all our other customers, you’ll be very glad you did!

(* Except keyboards and mice: Windows prevents direct I/O on these by any program other than the operating system.)

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