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ME Labs Advanced D-Stick (PIC18F47K40) $49.99
This convenient microcontroller module (based on the PIC18F47K40) includes an on-board programmer and USB COM Port, making prototype construction easier than ever.

ME LABS Trainer M.E. Labs Trainer: Now available for $99.99! Learn programming concepts with a full tutorial and matched experimenter board. Includes PBP3 Student Edition. Device Programmer built on board. All you need is a Windows computer with a USB connection.

Software  Software

MicroCode Studio Plus
Ethernet and USB Development Applications
SUMS Upgrade Management System

Super Bundle - Full Development System for PIC microcontrollers  Development Systems Up to $78 in savings!

These discounted packages are designed to be complete systems for PIC microcontroller development.  Purchasing a system insures you get everything you need and that all the components play nice together.

melabs U2 Programmer  Device Programmers

Our device programmer family supports over 500 Microchip microcontrollers.  The melabs U2 Programmer has become one of the most popular PIC programmers in the world.  Our latest offering is the melabs Field Programmer, which can operate as a standalone programmer and read you hex code from an SD card.

Programming Adapters  Programming Adapters

ME Labs is committed to providing zero insertion force programming adapters for as many chip packages as we can.  This includes most of the surface-mount packages that Microchip offers.  Many of these adapters require us to spec custom-made sockets.  We even make a ZIF adapter for the tiny 3-pin SOT package.  (You might need tweezers and a magnifier to drop the part in.)

LAB-X Experimenter Boards  Experimenter Boards

Our LAB-X Experimenter Boards are set up to work seamlessly with our compilers and programmers.  These boards are intended to be learning tools, but also function as convenient platforms for feasibility testing and startup development for experienced engineers.  If you need a quick and easy hardware platform that will give you lightning fast results, these boards do the job.

Prototype Boards  Prototyping Boards

We offer bare boards for most PIC microcontroller packages.  These boards are intended to provide a convenient base for building prototypes.  Each board meets the fundamental circuitry needs of the microcontroller and also offers an array of plated-thru holes where you can easily construct the remainder of your design.

Hardware Components  Hardware Components

Shop here for all the miscellaneous stuff that you need to complete your project.  Includes displays, cables, power, chips, etc.

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