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Products > Other Software > HIDMaker FS Combo DOWNLOAD ONLY

HIDMaker FS Combo DOWNLOAD ONLY Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $399.95
RoHS Compliant: YES

This product will be available for download when checkout is completed. No physical materials will be shipped and no shipping charges will be added.

HIDmaker FS USB Development Tool -- It writes your FULL SPEED USB code!

HIDmaker FS -- USB the Easy Way!

New Version 1.5: Adds many popular PC programming languages, support for cost-reduced 18F4450 family, & tons of new features too!

(Note for Current Users: This is a FREE upgrade for all registered HIDmaker FS customers. See details below.)

More than just a function library or set of example programs you would have to figure out, the HIDmaker FS USB development tool actually generates COMPLETE, ready to compile and run CUSTOM source code for your USB project: both a smart program for your USB peripheral, AND a matching PC program (a finished, working Windows GUI program).

And it writes those programs for you in YOUR favorite languages:

Full speed 18F4550 and 18F4450 families:

  • HiTech PICC-18
  • C18

Low speed 16C765 family:

  • HiTech C

Generates PC code in:

  • Visual Basic 6
  • Delphi
  • C++ Builder
  • New! MS Visual Basic .NET*
  • New! MS Visual C++* ( MFC and WinForms apps)
  • New! MS Visual C# .NET*
  • New! Borland C#

* Works great with the free 2005 Express Editions of these Microsoft compilers, too!

All you need to do is tell the HIDmaker FS wizard what kind of project you want to create, and use HIDmaker FS's graphical sketchpad called the Visual Data Designer to define the data items that you want to send between your device and the PC. These can be arrays, and any mixture of data items, anywhere from 1 to 32 bits in size.

The programs that HIDmaker FS creates, for both ends of the USB cable, are really solid, really fast, and really, really smart.

For one thing, both the PC and peripheral device programs understand your data. For example, if you created a variable in the Visual Data Designer called MeterReading, then you'll find that the custom code for both your peripheral and your PC program each contain a variable called MeterReading. You can use these variables just like any other variables in these programs: just remember that these values get transferred over the USB.

Here's the best part: you don't even have to write any code to put this data into packets and send it on the USB cable. Just assign a value to the variable in the peripheral program as you normally would, and then simply use that matching variable in the PC side program. HIDmaker FS's generated code acts like a magic mailbox that directly transfers variables to the other side. It automatically packs up your data and sends it to the other side (even if it takes multiple packets to send it all), where it is automatically unpacked for you, ready to use. It couldn't be simpler and more trouble free!

HIDmaker FS does so much more for you:

  • You can make custom devices for all kinds of uses, in seconds.
  • Makes standard USB devices, too (e.g. keyboards, mice, joysticks, controllers)
  • Easily makes devices with multiple data channels ("Composite" devices, having multiple "Interfaces").
  • Even makes "Soft Detach" devices that can change their personality on command, so your device can adapt to changing conditions.
  • Need an array of Smart Sensors? Our PC programs already know how to talk to multiple devices at the same time: always knowing when devices have been disconnected or reconnected, always keeping track of which connected device is which, never losing data, never giving you wrong data, never hanging up. (Try this with those sample programs you get off the Internet or with your C compiler, and you'll see what we mean...)
  • Need to have more than one PC program talk to your device at the same time? No problem: our stuff automatically does that, too! (Here's another thing to try with those sample programs: you'll be shocked!)

New to USB? That's OK, we're here to help you. Knowledgeable help and advice are just an email or phone call away. (It's getting pretty hard to find that anymore, isn't it?) And Trace Systems guarantees that the generated software will work correctly, perfectly, every time, or we will make it right.

No need for your end users to install any special device drivers: no complicated installation procedures or scary warning messages that increase your tech support costs. Windows XP recognizes and starts talking to your HIDmaker FS device in seconds!

Includes “Developers Guide for USB HID Peripherals” which tells you the secrets of making devices with difficult design constraints:

  • Devices with critical time requirements
  • Lengthy processing that would conflict with USB communications
  • Data logging devices that are only connected to USB rarely

HIDmaker FS -- THE choice for smart professionals worldwide who need production-quality software for fast products, and who need to make those products -- FAST!

The HIDmaker FS Product Includes:

  • Full speed HIDmaker FS code generator for 18F4550 and 18F4450 processor families
  • Low speed HIDmaker code generator for 16C765 family
  • HIDmaker FS Test Suite:
    • AnyHID utility that tests any HID device, even if you didn’t design it yourself.
    • BONUS: Complete source code for AnyHID, in multiple programming languages!
    • USBwatch traffic analyzer: displays USB traffic into and out of your device, even during enumeration - when Windows is just starting your device.
  • Dozens of sample projects with full source code
  • Extensive online Help for all programs (even the programs we generate!), which also contain tips and strategies to get your project running fast
  • Supporting USB specs, device data sheets

Current Users: Version 1.50 is a FREE upgrade to all registered HIDmaker FS users. If you haven't already done so, e-mail your registration information to Trace Systems, and contact Trace Systems for information on how to get your FREE v 1.50 upgrade. You must be a registered user to get your free upgrade!

For more information, see the Trace Systems site.

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